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Remember The Forecast. Don’t Read It.

Posted July 31, 2019 by Bill Wheelhouse

It is amazing  for as many times as  an anchor or host gives the forecast, how few actually give it any thought.    One way to be more conversational and just as informative is to commit the weather to memory at the beginning of your shift.   If you know the forecast,  More  

The Dreaded Passive Voice Revisited

Posted May 1, 2019 by Bill Wheelhouse

This was one of the most popular  Tips Of The Week on our site this past year.


Thanks to Ken Keller.  A good chunk of this article came from an INBA Tune In back in the 1990’s (based on the original article mentioning Governor Jim Edgar.)

With Mr.  More  

Too Soon? Not Soon Enough? This Week’s Tip.

Posted April 24, 2019 by Bill Wheelhouse


I hear and see it a lot.  A reporter telling me a town may soon see a new business.  Citizens may soon see higher garbage rates. The state may soon be home to… you get my point.     Perhaps telling your audience something may be coming soon works good enough.   More  

News Vets Expand On Last Week’s Tip

Posted August 14, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

In our Tip Of the Week last time, we emphasized the importance of reading your script aloud.    A few veteran news folks responded with some additions.   So let’s share those thoughts reinforcing and expanding that idea.

Jay Pearce-WVIK Rock Island and a long time presence on both commercial and public airwaves in Illinois -”  More