Illinois Appellate Courts

The Illinois Appellate Courts hear cases on appeal from the circuit courts. Except for those cases appealed directly to the Supreme Court, a person has the right to request a review of a circuit court judge’s decision by the Appellate Court. There are both criminal and civil cases from your area that make it to the appellate level in your region. A lot of important issues are heard at the appeals level and both the hearings and opinions can provide excellent information for your listeners/viewers/readers.

Check this map for the list of the four appellate districts outside of Cook County. Video and audio recording is allowed, provided you follow the rules. You should contact the specific appellate court for details. Audio is also provided of the arguments in front of the Appellate Courts and the Workers Compensation Commission.

The appellate courts are sometimes the most under-covered, so getting familiar with the rules, justices and procedures of the courts is helpful in providing good coverage. Thanks to the web, that coverage is much easier and allows you to retrieve opinions when issued.