Remember The Forecast. Don’t Read It.

Posted July 31, 2019 by Bill Wheelhouse

It is amazing  for as many times as  an anchor or host gives the forecast, how few actually give it any thought.    One way to be more conversational and just as informative is to commit the weather to memory at the beginning of your shift.   If you know the forecast, you’ll be more conversational when you say it, as if you are talking about the weather with someone at your coffee joint.

When you do this, it won’t end up being a recitation of the script.  You’ll also leave out extraneous details your audience doesn’t need.    I’m not talking about necessary things  that come in a storm warning, but in a general forecast.     Even though people can check their phones for the weather,   you are still providing them a service with a quick informative update.

Put some effort into it.  It will sound effortless.