Making Stale Bread Fresh Again

Posted July 31, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

Ask yourself five questions about the most obvious, dull and well worn story and see if something is being overlooked because it’s in plain sight.   Just because everyone knows about an issue or the “way it is” in politics,  doesn’t mean there’s not a fresh angle, or a follow-up or unasked question.

Take a few extra minutes to examine a story that has been done to death and examine it from a new angle.

Perhaps everyone knew of Harvey Weinstein’s style, but reporting on bad behavior or possible corruption really needs to be done.  It is especially true when observers say that’s just the way it’s always been.  Weinstein’s story was there all along. It just needed a push.

Find some items in your area that just need a push.   By the way, they don’t have to involve Weinstein to be significant.