A Reporter’s Guide To Carving Out Time To Investigate

Posted May 8, 2019 by Bill Wheelhouse

This week’s Tip Of The Week comes from RTNDA & reporter Stephanie Bertini.  See the full article here.

As a reporter for most of my career, I realized that I had to do the daily news grind feeding stories from a statehouse bureau to our member stations.   But our two person bureau wanted to do more investigative reporting.  I realize there are a lot of you out there that don’t see your workload shrinking and wondering if you’ll ever to get to do some investigative reporting.  This article from RTNDA has some excellent suggestions for reporters to do more investigative work!  And advises how to squeeze it in.

Here is a much condensed summary of Stephanie’s points.   Be sure to go to RTNDA.org to read the piece.

  1. It’s connected to your daily work.   You may spot a trend on an existing story.  Ask a few more questions.
  2. Request Data/FOIA frequently.
  3. Get your ideas on to a list.
  4. Manage Your Project
  5. Stay Organized.

If you set this out as a goal, you’ll see scoops coming your way and scoops beget scoops or at least more tips!