Journalists Make Sure You Monitor These Things Election Day!

Posted November 4, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

You’ve worked hard this election season. Our Tip Of The Week comes from the Journalists’ Resource web site.   Here are some some pointers on what you should keep an eye out for on election day.


Monitor these things on election days:

  • Long wait times (Is the wait longer than 30 minutes? What’s the cause? Is the line moving?)
  • Misinformation going out to or being shared among voters (Is someone advising voters they can vote by text message when they cannot?)
  • Campaign-related complaints
  • Voting machine issues (Are there enough machines? Are they not functioning correctly?)
  • Registration system issues (Are voters having trouble checking in?)
  • Voter help/hotlines
  • Polling place issues (Are they opening on time? Are voters able to access the facilities, equipment and ballots?)

The site has more in its article “8 Tips For Covering US Elections.”