The Art Of Interviews-Closing Them

Posted November 27, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

Tip Of The Week has been a IBANewsroom feature since we launched in June.  Here was one of the early tips.

This week’s tip might seem basic, but it’s always important, as someone once said, “to be brilliant on the basics.” A good infielder takes a lot of ground balls in practice.

When you are wrapping up an interview or background conversation with someone, always remember to ask them “Is there anything else you would like to add?”.  That will sometimes give you an answer or information that can help you with the story.

Another question along the same lines that can generate a slightly different response, “Is there anything I should have asked about but didn’t?”   You come across as more humble when asking this and also more respectful of the person to whom you are talking.   And they may throw out a good nugget or substantial piece of information.

The final suggestion along this thread has paid many dividends for me in finding additional sources.  “Is there anyone else I should talk with to get more information on this?”   It’s common to get a few extra names of people who may be able to help tell the story or provide you with more complete information.

These are simple. Yet it is often the basic and simple questions to lead to the most complete stories.