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A Web Site To Track Covid Transmission Rates in Every State

Posted April 21, 2020 by Bill Wheelhouse

Check out the site    rt.live     The creators of Instagram have put this together.  It tracks state by state transmission rates.   

“It lets us estimate how many secondary infections are likely to occur from a single infection in a specific area. Values over 1.0 mean we should expect more cases in that area,  More  

Protecting Yourself & Co-Workers

Posted April 2, 2020 by Bill Wheelhouse

The International Journalists Network offered these tips:

COVID-19 prevention tips for journalists:

  • Work from home if you can
  • In the newsroom, clean your work station every day with at least 70% alcohol
  • Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds
  • Conduct in-person interviews only if necessary
  • Keep a distance of at least three to six feet from interviewees
  • Use two microphones and sanitize them with alcohol and disposable towels
  • Clean all equipment with alcohol
  • Send teams of no more than two people 
  • Opt for places with low foot traffic
  • Wear a surgical mask when interviewing random people on the streets and discard it immediately after
  •  More