2020 Tip: Don’t Chase The Latest Trends

Posted January 8, 2020 by Bill Wheelhouse

The International Center for Journalists is offering advice for the coming year by asking current and former ICFJ Knight Fellows their thoughts.  One of those is Janine Warner, who is a fellow in Latin American and executive director of SembraMedia.   Her advice:

“Don’t chase the latest trends just because everyone else does.

Every year there is some hot new trend that it seems “everyone is talking about.” After extensive research into what works (and what doesn’t) for hundreds of digital media companies, I’m increasingly convinced that trying the “hot new thing” is often a mistake. 

As you consider how best to invest your time next year, look beyond the latest fads and consider if you’d be better off refining and improving something you’re already doing. If you do decide to try a new technology, business model or best practice, ask yourself these three questions first: Is this right for my audience? Does our team have the experience (and time) we need to succeed? And, does this new idea fit our core mission, build on the other things we’re doing or add significant new value? If the answer to all three is yes, then go for it!”

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