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Tracking Big Layoffs In Your Region & Across Illinois

Posted December 4, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

During the the final month of the year, we are going through the archives of Tip Of The Week.  Here is one to check every month.


In our Tip Of The Week this time, a way to keep tabs on potential layoffs in your area.       More  

The Art Of Interviews-Closing Them

Posted November 27, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

Tip Of The Week has been a IBANewsroom feature since we launched in June.  Here was one of the early tips.

This week’s tip might seem basic, but it’s always important, as someone once said, “to be brilliant on the basics.” A good infielder takes a lot of ground balls in practice.  More  

Newswriting: The Dreaded Passive Voice

Posted November 13, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

Thanks to Ken Keller.  A good chunk of this article came from an INBA Tune In back in the 1990’s (based on the original article mentioning Governor Jim Edgar.)

With Mr. Keller writing about passive voice 20 years ago, we know this is a perennial problem in broadcast and now web writing.   More  

Journalists Make Sure You Monitor These Things Election Day!

Posted November 4, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

You’ve worked hard this election season. Our Tip Of The Week comes from the Journalists’ Resource web site.   Here are some some pointers on what you should keep an eye out for on election day.


Monitor these things on election days:

  • Long wait times (Is the wait longer than 30 minutes?
  •  More  

Getting WARNed On Local Job Losses

Posted October 30, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

In our Tip Of The Week this time, a way to keep tabs on potential layoffs in your area.     Large employers are required to issue notification of pending layoffs.  The State issues a report on the last day of the month called a WARN report.  It stands for the Illinois Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.  More  

A Guide To Reporting On Religion

Posted October 23, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

A big help for radio/TV newsrooms on covering religion is out this week.   The National Association of  Broadcasters and its NAB Education foundation released the Awareness in Reporting/Reporting on Religion Toolkit. 

The on-line toolkit contains excellent content and its user-friendly.  There is a lot included, but it kicks off with some general guidelines to remember when covering religion:

  1. Religion can be controversial and the beliefs and practices of faith groups – which they claim are divinely inspired – can be at odds with societal values or a journalist’s personal beliefs or worldview.
  2.  More  

Here’s A Guide To Campaign Finance Resources

Posted October 16, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

Campaign Finance Resources: Sources of information and data  compiled by Kent Redfield.

Kent Redfield
Illinois statewide and legislative elections
Private campaign contribution and expenditure databases – 2000 – 2018
State board of election data with value added through standardization and coding

Illinois Election Data– Scott Kennedy
Best source of current and historical Illinois election data – open access and subscription data
Developing a strong campaign finance data presence – Tracks targeted legislative races

Illinois State Board of Elections
http://www.elections.il.gov/  More  
Searchable and downloadable data base of campaign contributions (1994 to present) and campaign expenditures (2000 to present)
No value added – providing access to electronic public documents
Downloadable election data for primary and general election by candidate,

Newsroom Management Refresher. Yes, You Need It.

Posted October 9, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

A lot of advice never goes out of style.  It might be age-old. You might have heard it before.  However, with your hectic work and life schedule, it is good to get a refresher.  Media management guru Jill Geisler penned this nearly a decade ago.    Take a few minutes and read the list.     More  

A Great Freebie for Tracking Court And Business Records

Posted October 2, 2018 by Bill Wheelhouse

Get the Sqoop!   With a hat tip to both Ren LaForme and Samantha Sunne, this site offers a way to search court records, business filings and other documents.   It also allows you to set it up to alert you to new documents of interest.  While there is a subscription fee usually attached to it,  More