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Remember The Forecast. Don’t Read It.

Posted July 31, 2019 by Bill Wheelhouse

It is amazing  for as many times as  an anchor or host gives the forecast, how few actually give it any thought.    One way to be more conversational and just as informative is to commit the weather to memory at the beginning of your shift.   If you know the forecast,  More  

Overuse Of The C-Word

Posted July 11, 2019 by Bill Wheelhouse

“Crisis? What Crisis?”  was the name of a Supertramp album back in the 70’s.   Now that I’ve shown my age, lets talk about how everything seems to be a crisis.

Perhaps it’s time to give the word a vacation or at least reduce its use.

While the uses of the word “crisis” most often fits one of the dictionary definitions of the word,  More  

Do You Know What You’re Talking About When You Read The Jobs Numbers?

Posted June 12, 2019 by Bill Wheelhouse

It helps to know what those numbers mean.   We tick off how many new jobs there are and where the unemployment rate stands.   You will be so much better at reporting such issues if you know what the other numbers mean and where to find a ton of stuff to round out the story.     More