Gray TV’s Illlinois Statehouse Reporter’s Bio Removed From Station Websites

Posted January 19, 2023 by Bill Wheelhouse
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Mike Miletich, State Capitol Bureau Chief for Gray TV’s Illinois TV stations says he can not say anything about an apology issued by WGEM TV about a story this week.
A check of station websites no longer includes his bio page.

WGEM TV has released a statement regarding statehouse reporter Mike Miletich’s coverage of a lawsuit against the state over an assault weapons ban. The statement followed the story on the station’s web site and read:

“Statement from WGEM Vice-President and General Manager Ben Van Ness
If you were watching our Wednesday WGEM News at Six report on the Illinois assault weapons ban lawsuit filed by attorney Tom DeVore, we owe you an apology.
Reporter Mike Miletich ad-libbed while reporting live from Effingham to say in part, ‘…we are in downstate Illinois where they hate the media.’ That is not a fact. The facts show we have many loyal viewers who are very supportive of this television station.
Mike chose to express his opinion, which is not acceptable for a journalist working for this news organization. Our news division is disappointed by what was said, and our leadership team is addressing the matter.”

Miletich says he is not allowed to talk about the situation. He is also President of the Illinois News Broadcasters Association.